Become A Dealer

Become a Dealer

Why Become an EDGE/HOG Dealer?

EDGE/HOG is not just a line that can grow your profits. We are a company that supports our dive industry. We do this in many ways. 

  • We will not sell direct to end users, 3rd party companies that do not support our industry, and even online only scuba shops that do not train, sale brick and mortar or service regs. This only cuts you out of the profits you need to get your business growing, and that not something we will do. 
  • We will alway be there for your demo days, sales events and rallys. All you need to do is give us enough notice to put it on the calender. We will also give awy grea prizes. Not sure a shirt and hat but we go big. Full BCDs, regulator sets, dive lights, mask, fin , snorkel. You name it we will do our very best to support your events in anyway that we can. 
  • We handle warranty issues direct with the customer and always stand behind our products. 

We have been serving the recreational and technical dive communties for years, we are well-known and well-trusted. We work tirelessly with dive experts and professionals to continue to improve our products and add those new innovations the other guy does not have.

We supply our dealers with quick service and support that makes your customers' jobs faster and easier.

EDGE/HOG has dealers all across the globe. Purchasing authentic EDGE/HOG products from an authorized dealer ensures you receive EDGE/HOG Warranty and Service Programs. All EDGE and HOG Dealers offer a wide range of EDGE/HOG products and have been trained in the service and assembly of the products carried.

To become a dealer or request more information please email [email protected] or [email protected]