Servicing by Authorized Edge-Hog Service Centers ensures optimal operation and prevents expensive damage. To maximize performance of your regulators / life support equipment and to maintain your manufacturer’s warranties it is critical to have your Edge-Hog gear serviced regularly by an authorized Service Center. These centers can be found using our dealer locator tool on this site.

If you wish you may have your equipment serviced by Edge-Hog Dive Gear’s In-House Services. We only service Edge-Hog products so you can rest assured your equipment is serviced using only approved specialty tools and that all required parts will be readily available.

If you would like to send your equipment directly to our service center please review the information below for the appropriate steps.

Service Rate Estimates.

Labor ( 7-10 business days standard turnaround once received )

  • Routine Service $25 per stage + Parts

(Evaluation, Disassembly, Cleaning, Rebuilding, Final Tuning and Testing.

  • Rush Service Fee (3-4 business day turnaround once received) add $10.00 surcharge per stage
  • Oxygen Cleaning Performed during routine serviceadd $15.00 surcharge per stage
  • Extreme Cleaning Fee add $15.00 surcharge per stage

(To remove excessive corrosion or other contaminants as determined by our Tech)

Estimates for Replacement Service Parts

  • All Balanced First Stage Service Kits $34.95 per stage
  • All 2nd Stage Service Kits other than Egress $19.95 per stage
  • Egress 2nd Stage Service Kits $24.95 per stage

Note: Other service or parts charges may be required to remedy equipment problems or to modify equipment per customer request.

We will attempt to quote all additional parts or labor requirements and costs at time of intake testing and evaluation. *Be aware unseen issues may change this quote without notice.

Customer approval will be sought before any required unexpected service or parts replacement is performed.

Unexpected service is defined as anything other than routine intake evaluation, disassembly, cleaning, rebuilding with new standard service parts, and final tuning and testing.

Steps to request Edge-Hog Factory Services

  1. Send an email to [email protected] Requesting your desire to send your Edge-Hog Dive Gear life support equipment in for service.
  2. Please put “SERVICE REQUEST” in the subject Line.
  3. Include the following information in the body of the e-mail.
    • Routine Service
    • Product Upgrade (IE adding environmental seal, conversion from Din to Yoke, etc.)
    • Problem Diagnosis and Repair.
    • Full Contact Information; Name, Address, Phone, Email Address.
    • Provide a product description and approximate age and number of total dives on all items you wish to send in for service.
    • Select the type of service or srevices you are requesting for each item.
    • Provide a service history on each unit being sent in to include; type of service, dates of service and the service center that performed said service.
    • Provide a detailed description of any problems or issues you are experiencing with each unit you are sending in. Identify individual components by product description and serial number if possible. If not possible please use tape and number each unit being sent in for identification purposes.
  4. Once your Service Request Email has been received, we will contact you via email or telephone to issue your SERVICE Authorization Number and Work Order based upon your service request.
  5. Your approval is required on the Work Order and it must be included in with your shipment to Edge-Hog Dive Gear.
  6. Pack your items carefully to protecting them from transit damage; you should insure your products adequately against loss or damage and ship to the address listed below.
  7. Include your signed Work Order in-side the package and write the SERVICE Authorization Number Edge-Hog provided you on two sides of the outside of your package.
    • Failure to place the SERVICE Authorization Numbers in a visible manner on the outside of the shipping carton may result in your package being refused by our receiving department.
    • Failure to include the approved Work Order inside the box with your equipment may result in a delay in servicing your equipment while a signed approval work order is sought.
  8. Edge-Hog Dive Gear may contact you if any additional or unexpected services and/or parts are required to complete your requested service.  Please expect routine service to take 5-7 business days once your package is received into our facility. or
  9. When your equipment is ready to be returned to you.
    • United Parcel Service
    • U.S. Postal Service
    • PayPal
    • Credit Card Payment by phone. (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express)
    1. We will inquire what shipping method you would like us to utilize in returning your equipment. You may choose either.
    2. Please note; costs associated with return shipping of your products are solely your responsibility and will be added to your total service invoice to be paid prior to return shipment to you.
    3. We will inquire how you would like to pay for your service invoice.
  10. When payment in full has been made, your equipment will be properly packaged, insured and shipped to you according to your stated preferred shipping carrier and method.