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Welcome to HOG SCUBA, a high quality/high value manufacturer and distributor of exceptional SCUBA and Snorkeling equipment


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We are a company that supports our dive industry. We do this in many ways

  • We will not sell direct to end users, 3rd party companies that do not support our industry, and even online only scuba shops that do not train, sale brick and mortar or service regs. This only cuts you out of the profits you need to get your business growing, and that not something we will do. 
  • We will always be there for your demo days, sales events and rally's. All you need to do is give us enough notice to put it on the calendar. We will also give away great prizes. Not sure a shirt and hat but we go big. Full BCDs, regulator sets, dive lights, mask, fin, snorkel. You name it we will do our very best to support your events in anyway that we can.
  • We handle warranty issues direct with the customer and always stand behind our products. 


Diving is a lifestyle of adventures and learning about new places, new people and ourselves.

EDGE can mean many things to many people; to us it means always being on the edge of adventure. Your next adventure could be your next dive trip offshore or to your local quarry or it may be a trip to a famous atoll in a remote part of the vast Pacific

Our desire is to grow with our customers by maintaining our close connection to our divers. We want to be the company that divers whoa re experienced use and recommend to others, because of our quality, service and price that are unmatched in the industry.

Our gear simply needs to do its job well, without useless gadgets or to undue attention to over-the-top maintenance. The equipment we design and sell is meant to be forgotten while in use, leaving all your attention to be on the beauty and enjoyment of our underwater world

We are proud to be a "boutique" brand of scuba equipment, but without the pretense or high prices for both the novice recreational diver and the most experienced of technical exploration divers


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To all of you, from all of us at EDGE and HOG - Thank you and Happy Diving!